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The Cousteau Society

Series produced for Turner Broadcasting

Mekong Expedition April-June 1992 (Thailand-Laos-Cambodia)
Mekong: The Gift of Water, 50 min

Great White Shark Expedition South Australia
Expedition 1 April-May 1989
Expedition 4 Feb, 1991

The Great White Shark: Lonely Lord of the Sea, 50 min

Nauru Expedition Nov-Dec 1990
Nauru: The Island Planet, 50 min

Indonesia Expedition Sept-Oct 1989
Fortunes in The Sea, 50 min

South Australia Expedition Feb-May 1989
Tasmania: Australia's Awakening Island, 50 min
People of Fire and Water, 50 min

West Australia Expedition Oct-Nov 1988
Way Out West: Down Under, 50 min
People of The Dry Sea, 50 min

Papua New Guinea Expedition May-June 1988
The River of The Crocodile Men, 50 min
Into the Time Machine, 50 min
The Centre of Fire, 50 min

New Zealand Expedition Dec 1986-Jan 1987
The Land of The Great White Cloud, 100 min
The Smouldering Sea, 50 min


   Greeting Jacques Cousteau on board Calypso, 1988


   Alcyone - my home for one and a half years


   Cousteau stars - Calypso and Papagallo


   Exchanging trade secrets with a Sepik River Witch Doctor. PNG, 1988


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