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My full compliment of mics, booms, mixers, radio-mics, personal-mics, recorders, headphone feeds, playback facilities, location vehicle and support facilities.

I also have a suite of mastering equipment for post-recording processing.

2 x AKG C460B/CK69ULS with Rycote kits
2 x AKG C460B/CK5
3 x AKG C460B/CK61ULS
3 x AKG C460B/CK63ULS
2 x Sanken CUB-01 plant microphones
2 x Sanken CS-1 with Rycote Kit
1 x Sanken CSS-5 stereo mic with Rycote kit
2 x Aquarian H2a XLR hydrophones

2 x Panamic 4.43 metre Super Maxi with Ambient QR
1 x Panamic 2.50 metre Mini with Ambient QR
2 x Radio boom packs with Denecke PS-1 power units





Sonosax SX-S 8-channel in custom case
SQN 4S Series 4 4-channel mixer with 2 x Beta0Box facilities
Sound Devices 302 3-channel

1 x HHB Portadrive 8-track hard disc recorder
      DVD-RAM burner, drive caddy and 3 drives
1 x Sound Devices 2-track 702T recorder
      DVD burner, CL-1, hi-spec CF cards
2 x Sony Hi-MD recorders

4 x Lectrosonics 195D UHF diversity
2 x Lectrosonics 200/201B UHF diversity
2 x Lectrosonics 400 waterproof transmitter systems
1 x Lectrosonics UH100 plug-on
1 x Lectrosonics UH 400a plug-on

2 x Sanken COS-11
2 x Sonotrim
10 x TRAM TR-50 Black
1 x TRAM TR-50 White
1 x TRAM TR-50 Tan
4 x Countryman B6
2 x Countryman B3

2 x Denecke TS-3 smart slate
2 x Denecke SB2a timecode box
1 x Denecke TC-jr timecode recoder

Zaxcom Goldline digital stereo system
1 x transmitter, 1 x receiver – camera-powered

2 x Garwood System 2 UHF stereo transmitters
14 x in-ear monitor personal receiver packs and headphones
2 x Sensorcom ICM-20 'earwig' invisible earpiece

2 x JBL EON 10 150watt powered speaker, mixer and stands
1 x ANCHOR PB-35 battery-powered public address system
1 x ANCHOR PB-25 megaphone

   Sonosax SX-S 8-channel








   The Portadrive survives a baking in the tropical Fiji sun


Suzuki 'Grand Vitara Ltd' V6 Four Wheel Drive,
fitted with roof equipment pod and 240 A/C power

EZI-UP 'Explorer' collapsible shelter
9" LCD colour monitor and Cat5 balun link
Digital Sound Pressure Level Meter - Type 8929
Optoelectronics CUB radio frequency counter
ICOM IC-R5 scanner
Gentner Microtel Telephone tap
4 x Uniden UH-075 waterproof 40 channel r/t's
Multiway Cable Drum 14 + 4 lines x 50 metres

On location, Herules set


DBX Quantum Mastering Processor
Philips IS5022 Mk2 Processor
Alesis MicroVerb 4
Lexicon MPX500
HHB CDR850 CD Recorder
Antares AVP-1 Vocal producer
Focusrite VoiceMaster PRO
Chartwell LS3/5a Monitor Speakers x2
Nakamichi DR-10 Cassette Recorder
Ampex ATR700 Tape Recorder
Bryston 2BLP Amplifier
Sony CDP222ESD CD Player
Kenwood KD600 Turntable
SME Series 4 Arm
Grado Signature cartridge
Garrard 401 Turntable
SME Series 3 Arm
Stanton 500-27 Cartridge
HHB Circle 3 Monitor Speakers x2
Sony MDS-JB940 Mini Disc Recorder
Roland SN700 Hum and Noise eliminator
Aphex 204 Aural Exciter
Sony CDPXA30ES CD Player

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